“We are committed to satisfying the instrumentation
needs of our valueable customers…”

PAKTECH INSTRUMENTS COMPANY (PIC) is dedicated to developing and providing cost effective, quality solutions to our Clients' measurement and control instrumentation needs. Its employees, customers, and their perception of how well PIC balances the following guidelines, will judge the measurement on how successful this company is in executing the Mission Statement.

  • Individual dedication to understanding the client's needs and the importance they place on the information and data our products provide.
  • Providing quality workmanship, service and products while controlling costs.
  • A current knowledge base of appropriate technologies.
  • A positive, safe working environment for our employees which provides opportunities for personal growth, for if our employees are challenged and learning, our clients will be forever better served.
  • Effective communication between employees and Client. This is mandatory both to increase efficiency and to foster a sense of common purpose, with each employee being aware of the company's objectives and how their individual effort is helping us to attain them.
  • Employee compensation and benefits according to individual accomplishment.