Mr. Tariq Riaz.
M.S.Electrical USA
B.E. Electronics AMIEE 
34 Years Experience and Training Abroad
On Bio Medical and Scientific Instruments.

Mr. Fakhr-e-Islam.
Associate Engineer Electronics 
40 Years Experience and Training abroad
on Bio Medical and Scientific Instruments.

Mr. Anwar Halim Khan
B.S. Civil Engineering 
38 Years Experience in Consulting
& Project Management.

Mr. Babar Ali
M.S. Electronic / MBA Marketing
Specialization in Electronics
9 Years Experience, Training Abroad (USA / Spain)

Mr. Sheraz Maqsood
B Tech. in Electrical Technology
8 Years Experience, Training Abroad (Spain)

Mr. Saadullah Khan.
Diploma in Instrumentation.
20 Years Experience and Training at site on
Bio Medical and Civil Instruments.
Trained with Manufacturer at Spain.

Mr.Qaisar Imtiaz
Diploma in Textile
BSC in Computer Science
8 Years Experience Sales

Mr. Haris Khan
Associate Engineer Bio-Medical
Associate Engineer Information Technology
6 Years Experience.

Mr. Balach Hussain
Bio Medical Engineer
M.E.A. (Telemedicine) MUET
5 Years Experience

Mr. Abdul Qadir Durrani.
B.S. Electronics, S.A.I.E.E., H.D.S.E.
Training Abroad
11 Years Experience. (On Leave)

Mr. Usman Mati.
BS Engineering (Electronics) U.S.A.
12 Years Experience (Lahore)

Mr. Khawaja Fahad Iqbal
BE Mechatronics Engineering
CE&ME, NUST, Rawalpindi
4 Years Experience.

Mr.Mukhtar Hussain Khan
MBA Marketing
12 Years Experience in Marketing 
Regional Manager (Islamabad)

Mr. Faisal Raza.
Diploma in Textile Engineering/MSC
14 Years Experience in sales and service
of Textile products.

Mr. Qamar Zaman
Chemical Engineer
18 Years (Consultant)

Mr. Aziz ur Rehman
3 Years Experience in Sales

Mr.Baber Khan
Sale & Service Engineer
4 Years Experience in Technical